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Prints Now Available at Deviant Art.

If you’re looking to purchase my art, deviantart.com is a great place to go. I recently set up my shop on their website, and they are many great reasons to shop with them. They use high-quality printers, and my prints are always in stock. Print on demand is a great way to do business, as it eliminates overprinting. Thats reduces the costs and is better for the environment.

As well,deviantart.com offer excellent shipping rates, and they can post overseas. For those of you in America, this is perfect: Shipping originates from the US, so delivery is quick and prices are low. This also means you get to buy Local. No more waiting up to three weeks for your prints!

Besides buying my prints from deviantart.com you can purchase them at my website, etsy and zazzle.

deviantart.com use LASERLAB a 50×75 cm. (20″x30″) photographic color laser printer
* Print sizes range from 4″x6″ – 20″x32″.
* The LASERLAB printing resolution is 3000 dpi.
* Its 16 bit per color DAC (total 48 bit) the print quality has an exceptional tone continuity.

At the moment I don’t offer prints to retailers.