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Mermaid Portrait Painting Part 4

It’ s been a few weeks since my last blog post since part 3, being self employed and working on a few projects can hold you back from time to time, which can be a pain, but life never runs how you want it too at times 😉 so we just have to go with the flow and see what lessons we learn 🙂

So back to the painting, as you can see from my last post “Ocean Heart” has come on quiet a bit, in the first images you can see I have began working more greens into the hair and merfins, using a light wash of greens over the hair and building up darker areas to create depth by weaving the hair in and out. This acts as a guide to see where each curl is going. On this particular painting the hair is very complex so I try to map out as much of the movement I can in light layers first, trying to not make mistakes, if I do its means I can correct it early on. Sometimes its easy to get carried away with a certain area of the painting, and miss something because you are not seeing the full picture in your minds eye, this is where mistakes can happen. I try to stay fresh and stand back from your painting from time to time to see the overall feel. There’s nothing worse when you make a mistake later in the painting.

I keep moving from one area of the painting to the next so I can see how her hair merges with the water, and see how the highlights of the healing glow reflect on her hands and face. I really want the highlights to stand out and create a warm inviting feeling, whilst drawing your in, so you can feel the warm of the glow radiate from within you. Because this painting is very moving and is such a strong pose I’m keeping the water background simple as I can while adding more depth to the piece. To create movement and feeling I am merging the hair with the water so she becomes at one with the waves of the water. I loved this part of painting with a flow and working in beautiful swirls with the cirls. She is at one with the changing tides whilst remaining calm with the heart beat of the ocean, forever alert and feeling each moment in the present 😉 “this was a neat feeling that just ran over me, I love it when something inside speaks to me and connects me to the moment.” being connected with our work is being in the moment of life’s awesome pleasures”

In the second picture I have enlarged an area of the hair so you can see how I built the depth in the hair. With the close up of the hands you can see the reflection on her hands and hair, from her warm healing energy.

And finally the last picture is nearly complete and I have started working in air bubbles using them to create a magical alive feeling, hidden messages of the water and the spark of life. There is still quiet a long way yo go yet, more shading to do in the hair, hands, face, and water. Then finally adding some white hight lights to the water bubbles so that they really lift of the painting, this might need to be enhanced with photoshop, but were see how it go’s.

Until next time thank you for reading. I and Ocean heart would like to wish you love in your creations.


Whisper of Spirit.

This is one of my latest paintings created in July 2010. Due to my paintings taking longer to paint, I decided to test myself to see what I could create in a short amount of time and this is the result, this one took me a couple of days to complete. I really enjoy creating pieces that are spontaneous it allows for me total freedom and I never now what will be the end result. While creating “Whisper of Spirit” I put myself in a meditative state and just let my mind and paintbrush flow. Heres a little write up that sums up my feelings on my art.

Dance to the spirit within and imagine your wings lifting you to the places of your dreams to be embraced by love.

I wanted to create something that “speaks” and connects you to your inner voice where you can listen to the ones that speak with you through spirit. The blue tones in this painting represent the ether and the words whispered in the air, which we pick up in our minds from time to time. This reminds you that those who always love you will reach out in their own special way. The purples represent visions, intuition and wisdom all of which let us see things more clearly than before. The yellow and green shades, and the sparkle of light all show the love forever glowing in each of our hearts.

She was painted with acrylic paints on Watercolor paper 300gsm.

Its my plan to create one of these a month, and sell the originals, one of my first was absinthe, which is now for sale, and is the first of my paintings to be sold. Whisper of spirit is also now available for sale.

Later this month she will be available in gift cards and prints at my etsy store.


Its been far too long since I’ve created some new art 😉 So here is the finished piece called “Temptation” and the model is the beautiful “Nettle” Here she is on one of my pocket mirrors which are available at my etsy store

I am so happy with this painting the first thing I notice is Nettles beautiful eyes they draw you in to her beauty. I took inspiration from a photo I worked from with this piece, it was a rather tempting photo, which said everything to me. I wanted to add a goddess feel to this, and the crescent of the moon fitted perfectly around the face representing the goddess of the night. I know Nettle feels passionate about the fae, nature and our earth so I added a sultry little fae who works with Nettle to tempt you to return to all things nature.

Thank you Nettle for allowing me to work with you.

¨* *.¸.*´*¸ .• *¨* ´¸ .`¯¨*•´ faerie blessings and kisses ¨* *.¸.*´*¸ .• *¨* ´¸ .`¯¨*•´