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Whisper of Spirit.

This is one of my latest paintings created in July 2010. Due to my paintings taking longer to paint, I decided to test myself to see what I could create in a short amount of time and this is the result, this one took me a couple of days to complete. I really enjoy creating pieces that are spontaneous it allows for me total freedom and I never now what will be the end result. While creating “Whisper of Spirit” I put myself in a meditative state and just let my mind and paintbrush flow. Heres a little write up that sums up my feelings on my art.

Dance to the spirit within and imagine your wings lifting you to the places of your dreams to be embraced by love.

I wanted to create something that “speaks” and connects you to your inner voice where you can listen to the ones that speak with you through spirit. The blue tones in this painting represent the ether and the words whispered in the air, which we pick up in our minds from time to time. This reminds you that those who always love you will reach out in their own special way. The purples represent visions, intuition and wisdom all of which let us see things more clearly than before. The yellow and green shades, and the sparkle of light all show the love forever glowing in each of our hearts.

She was painted with acrylic paints on Watercolor paper 300gsm.

Its my plan to create one of these a month, and sell the originals, one of my first was absinthe, which is now for sale, and is the first of my paintings to be sold. Whisper of spirit is also now available for sale.

Later this month she will be available in gift cards and prints at my etsy store.