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My New Tattoo Website, Custom Tattoos and Tattoo flash.

Its been 2 months since my last post, so much has happened since then:

Firstly, I’m now living in Bang Na Bangkok, and have been here for nearly two months. Its been my first time in Thailand, and what a great place to visit! The people, and the culture here have been great. I have not done very much site seeing apart from going down the local for Jack Daniels and a dabbling of Karaoke, LOL.

Over the last few months I have been busy putting together my new tattoo website Lunarian Tattoos. The reason for this is over the many years I have been an artist, I have been asked to design tattoos, I was also getting a lot of requests to designs tattoos or use my own designs for tattoos, so I decided to do something about it. So for some of you who would like to use my faerie designs as tattoo pieces I now have flash for sale, all designs come with lining in sheets, so to make the job easier for your tattooist to get your design ready quicker. I also include with this a letter of consent form allowing the tattooist and yourself to use the design. While I understand that people will download my designs from the computer and I cannot stop this, this does mean the image quality is poor and you will end up paying a lot more for the tattooist to trace it and be assured many tattooists charge anything from above $80 per hour for there services. So be aware!!! Most of my flash art is around the $20 mark.

Another option available to you is to send in a photo of your finished tattoo so I can add it to my gallery and show off your beautiful piece. I have also included a custom tattoo page for those who want something totally unique designed by myself. For this I charge $30 an hour (or if you have a budget we can always try and work to this) — considerably lower than a tattooist.  The reason for this is I work from home and I do not need transport or a place to work, so this is great for your pocket, the enviroment and me as I get to do what I love, giving you a treasured piece of art and a smile.

A tattoo design can take anything from 2 hours up, my last tattoo design was 5 hours. When the job is completed you will have a lining sheet, the signed original, and a unique tattoo!

You can now see my work at create my tattoo too 😉