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Absinthe Faerie T-shirt

New beginnings is upon us once again. Theres something quite special and positive about new starts, whether we’ve had a good or bad previous year, its time to revitalize new hopes, and have fresh new outlooks and pay homage to ourselves. All that matters from one new year to the next is to smile and put some sunshine in our hearts, love and simply do what makes you happy.

For me I had a magical 2009 I saw many new pastures and met some lovely folk and gained some new friends here at Lunarian Art. I take this time to welcome some new friends, what ever your here for whether its a fan of my art, or to be inspired. May the magic of the earth be with you and have a wonderful new year.

Towards the end of last year I created this new piece called “Absinthe” and I decided to create a new t-shirt for designs by humans so heres my “Fairy Queen of the Drunken Green” and is now up for voting at DBH.
Also available as Jewelry, cards and prints at my etsy store

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Yule Snow Queen

This Yule card was inspired by Joni, its all about winters wonder. During the first fall of snow everything looks so pure and beautiful and ifs your first time theres nothing like making snow angels and catching your first flakes, or watching you pets experiencing it for the first time, like how they try to catch the flakes with there paws and kinda jump in the snow. Then theres our old friend the Robin who returns to us forever faithful watching over us with his warm glowing breast. For me everything is so calm and beautiful, and full of enchantment. Also available in pocket mirrors, rings, necklaces, cards and prints at my etsy store

Goddess of the Sea T-shirt competition

Hello everyone I finally have Goddess of the Sea up at DBH, This design has been so popular so I thought I’d see if it can make it to print at DBH! Your votes will be most welcome 🙂 so fingers crossed!! I would love to see this design on a tee I think she just makes people smile. thank you to everyone who has supported me and left comments of encouragement! It lightens my day to here from you guysxxx To vote for me click the link Also available in pocket mirrors, rings, necklaces, cards and prints at my etsy store


Its been far too long since I’ve created some new art 😉 So here is the finished piece called “Temptation” and the model is the beautiful “Nettle” Here she is on one of my pocket mirrors which are available at my etsy store

I am so happy with this painting the first thing I notice is Nettles beautiful eyes they draw you in to her beauty. I took inspiration from a photo I worked from with this piece, it was a rather tempting photo, which said everything to me. I wanted to add a goddess feel to this, and the crescent of the moon fitted perfectly around the face representing the goddess of the night. I know Nettle feels passionate about the fae, nature and our earth so I added a sultry little fae who works with Nettle to tempt you to return to all things nature.

Thank you Nettle for allowing me to work with you.

¨* *.¸.*´*¸ .• *¨* ´¸ .`¯¨*•´ faerie blessings and kisses ¨* *.¸.*´*¸ .• *¨* ´¸ .`¯¨*•´