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2011 Calendar Faeries, Mermaids and Mythical Men.

Introducing my first ever Calendar! This has been a project that has been on my mind for a while, and thanks to some gentle persuasion from a friend I decided now was the right time 🙂 Along with the fact that this year has been a great year for creating art. I have so totally loved the time I have had for my creations, and what better way to show it off in a Calendar. Its also a great way of collecting my work and is ideal to frame too 😉

I released my Calendar with zazzle and it features all of this years latest works.

Over the last few weeks I have decided to dedicate more time to my shop here for a few reasons. Besides acting as a great showcase for my work, zazzle enables me to offer more choice for you too in a wide variety of really cool products to chose from. Plus regularly offer great discounts and free shipping from time to time, so through my twitter account and facebook account I will keep you posted on as many offers from zazzle as I can. Another reason that zazzle is so great for me, is I don’t have to worry about carrying stock around with me. As a full time traveller this is great! and I don’t have to worry about shipping. Lastly they also except returns, which is great for my customer, its essential that you are 100% happy 🙂 Over the coming months I will be adding skateboards, binders, mugs, prints, t-shirts and much much more 😉

Earth Faerie, Base Chakra “Muladhara”

This is the first of my chakra faeries inspired by the elements of the base chakra.
Its all about stability and nurturing. My friend Sarah inspired me for this painting, she is a mother of four beautiful children, as well as being a good solid friend with excellent advice in all matters of the heart, she is a true earth mother. The base chakra becomes one with the earth representing our strong connection for survival, grounding and stability.

At times when we are under stress, its easy to become disconnected and unfocused. This is when we need to connect to our basic survival instinct, where we can feel emotionally stable and physically fit and healthy. Balance is the key aspect of this chakra; if we have that, then we will be a grounded person. Muladhara is holding the earth, embracing the love and nourishment it gives, while she grounds herself as her feet turn into roots. As she inhales she absorbs all the goodness of the earth recharging her body with the cleansing crystals of the earth – ruby, garnet, tigers eye, bloodstone and black onyx, then as she exhales she releases all negativity to be cleansed by mother nature. Ruby transforms negative energy to positive energy, dispels lethargy and strengthens her immune system. Garnet raises her self-confidence and balances her base. Tigers eye calms her mind. She uses the bloodstone for circulating all of the energy in her body, eventually removing any energy blocks. And black onyx is for overall protection and her good health.
Also available in pocket mirrors, rings, necklaces, cards and prints at my etsy store