South Florida Tattoo Convention

South Florida Tattoo Convention

After setting off early to avoid the heat of the day we headed south form orlando to fort Lauderdale, just north of Miami. After a spot of lunch we checked into our hotel and a quick fresh up before we headed to The South Florida Tattoo Convention on foot. The convention was packed…This was an ideal chance for me to see some of the pros at work, after recently purchasing my own tattoo kit. After having a good look around I stumbled onto the Tattoojohnny stall where I met David Bolt a renowned Artist of beautiful fantasy work. If you like fantasy gothic artwork with beautifull women check out his website… Awesome!! What a really nice guy, it was great to talk to him as recently myself I contacted them to see if they are interested in showing my work.. so watch this space… 😉

Another great artist I met that day was David Nestler, I spent over half an hour talking to him about his work. This eye for detail is amazing and I was so shocked to hear that it was not airbrushed, but hand painted which is even more amazing, and very time consuming. Not only was he a really good artist,but he didn’t mind me talking to him with all kinds of questions on the process he uses.

While looking around the Tattooists I spotted the work of Scott from visualvortex, and this is the guy I have chosen to do my next tattoo. I want Scott to do my Goddess tattoo on the base of my back. I saw the photo of this tattoo below which made me decide on Scott to do my tattoo. So next year when we return to Orlando for my birthday present to myself will be getting my Goddess tattoo done.

After a amazing day we headed back to our hotel for a well earned sleep. 🙂

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