Spirit Dancer

dryadOne of my older sketches I did a while back during a flight to Vietnam. Spirit Dancer inspired me to want to dance to the songs of the trees. One of my favourite pastimes is to sit outdoors and sketch to my hearts content. The feel of breeze whilst listening to the leaves rustle in the wind is so relaxing, it really fills me with joy in so many ways. My lungs are full of fresh air, which is so good for my body, mind and spirit. I feel natural spending my time sat outdoors, its what makes me feel really alive creating in the moment.
I’m just about to start my travels once again and this time I’m going to spend the next 6 months living in Queenstown New Zealand. One of the things I shall be doing there is looking into exhibiting and working with a few galleries. Anyone who is interested in learning new artistic skills in faerie drawings and spending days out with me in the countryside? Please let me know, by sending me an email here

Here are a collection of handmade Crafts I made below. Especially for my readers here there is a 15% Discount especially for you Coupon Code: 15SPIRITDANCER 1 WEEK ONLY
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Different Ways To Earn A Living Online


On my last post about traveling-a-total-rethink-of-how-to-do-business I spoke a little about different ways to earn a living on line. So heres a quick refresher.

  • Commissions
  • Website design
  • Sales
  • Tattoo Flash
  • Competitions, always brings in commissions too ;)
  • Logos
  • Book Illustrations
  • Royalties from sites like Zazzle and licensing my art
  • Affiliates although I don’t earn to much from this, but every little helps.

Website, Gallery, Shop

If your an artist like me, then I’d start with your own website, this is your portfolio a showcase of your work and products. Make it professional. Over the years I have taught myself to build my own website, which allows me complete control on what I want to do and show. I’m not a programmer but there are plenty of websites that have basic websites you can use and customise. I use rapid weaver for macs and I’m happy  with them. Doing it yourself can save a lot of money to begin with especially if you don’t have alot of money. If you have the money then you can pay someone to do it for you, which will free up your time to create.

Now you are thinking of your website, you want to think about what you want from it. Your website can be your portfolio, shop, blog and connection tool. People want to connect to you and trust you, if they are parting with there cash for services and goods then they need to know you. To be honest this is the same for anywhere online or in this world.

Shopping Sites

I use Etsy as its especially for artists. Its free to open a shop all you need is a paypal account and a bank visa card. Etsy makes its money when you list an item and that costs $.20 per item and they make 3% on a sale,  I love it. Its simple to set up and use, with online community and help every step of the way. A lot of folks use this as there main website. As an Etsy store holder you get regular emails on all kinds of advice too.

Etsy I love this place and this is where I sell most of my products

Ebay – I personally don’t use, but other artists have made a success with it so its worth mentioning.

Zazzle – A free shop where you can upload your art and put it onto all kinds of goods and make money when an item sells as Royalties

Deviant Art – upload artwork to sell prints

Society6 – upload artwork to sell prints, iphone cases, pillows and more

Online Free lance jobs

When I started out I got work through people I met, but this was difficult as I was always moving on, eventually I found Elance, a site a lot like a job center where you could find work and bid for it, this was really great for me as it was free to start up. When I gained the courage I would pay $10 a month for 20 credits which would allow me bid for 20 jobs worth up to $500 a job. Through elance I found another site called createmytattoo, which is where I mainly get a lot of work today designing tattoos, my bread and butter money. Greats sites to look at to start are…



Freelance Switch.

There are so many sites out there now that you can almost find anything that suits your needs. More and more people are getting online and our technology is changing fast. And the internet has given us new opportunities that were never there before.


Designs By Humans – Competions for designing t-shirts.

Create My Tattoo – Design tattoos

This sums up some of the sites I use to do business and help my business grow, and this is just the beginning. There are many other websites out there that do similar things that I have not come across  as yet, one thing I can be sure of is change and how you buy your goods today can change tomorrow, but one things remains to be the most important in this world and that is trust within business, so always go above and beyond when you deal with your future customer. When the put there trust in you and you give it back they will come back for life.

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Earth Soul for Earth Day 22 April 2013 Please Vote For Me.

I have my Earth Soul in a competition over on Designs By Humans If you like my tee please vote
A little more about Earth Soul. One of our many cherished Spirits 🙂 Earth Soul is a Dryad. She is tree spirit. She stands on the gateway to the earth, surrounded by air, she senses the sound of the wind and listens to the rustle of the seasons, calm and connected. With her roots she feels the earth below holding fast she is grounded and is nourished by the earth source. She is spirit and body, feeling all the other elements around her, air, fire, water, and either, nourishing her. In turn they help each other, one cannot live without each other, the building blocks of life our beautiful Earth. Earth Soul goddess of trees.
Many Blessings for your vote

Mother Of Dragons T-shirt Fan Art


Being such a fan of Game of Thrones I really wanted to create some cool t-shirts. I love all the characters of the series they have all something special about them, even if you dislike them, the chemistry just works. Their’s so much going on, and it always keeps you on your toes. Having read all of the books of the “Song of Ice and Fire” I can say we are in for a treat with Season 3, that we are really going to struggle in between seasons. Join the Dragon Army!

Daenery’s Targaryen Necklace
After watching Seasons 1 & 2 my favorite characters were Daenery’s Targaryen and Khal Drogo. For obvious reasons the chemistry between these two characters really made it feel real, every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be him. Drogo is all man, beast, the all powerful King by day, but slowly she wins him over and you see love grow between them and he becomes something else. Apart from these two characters, the next has to be Tyrion Lannister, besides his charm, whit, cunning and charisma he has all the girls, wine, jokes and laughs you could hope for, plus he seams to be the only Lannister so far to have a real heart. And forgetting he has the best lines 😉 Like any good story you need strong characters and just in life we learn more, grow and change and so Game of Thrones come to life. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the offerings of George R. R. Martin, “A Song of Ice and Fire”

Below is the image I’m working on next, Tyrion Lannister.


Progress reports on Tyrion’s Tee Keep watching this blog.

So you’ve guessed it, I’m a self confessed GOT addict! So this is why I was inspired to create to art for prints and t-shirts. If you were an artist and felt so inspired to create I bet you would too;) First up is Deanery’s Targaryen as Mother of Dragons in “I Will Take Back What is Mine with By Fire and Blood!” This is a pencil sketch I did, which I then scanned it into my computer, so I could add some flames with photoshop airbrushing on the Wacom tablet. For the print I used a really nice aged paper image, just to add some age to it. The image of Daenery’s is from the new Game of Thrones Season 3, and the dragons are from Season 2, the dragons were the hardest part as I wanted them to look like they should do, but the images on the net were very few so I had to the best I could to create them.

From Pencil Sketch – t-shirt print to signed prints

If you have a favourite character you would like to see let me know.

Women’s Love Your Tees With Fire and Blood! £15.99
Men’s Love Your Tees With Fire and Blood! £16.99