My Story

My Blog is about traveling and art. You can read about where I've traveled,  with tips on how to travel whilst working for yourself. Its not an easy choice and it comes with barriers, but you can do it.

” Ifs its easy to do its not rewarding” 

Art is my world and theres nothing nicer than finding fun ways to share it with you. I have worked in a variety of mediums in the past, from airbrushing motorbikes, electric guitars, motorcycle helmets, to designing fantasy art, building websites, to custom tattoos and temporary tattoos.

A Wolf bike I painted way back in 2005 for Dave – this is done with an airbrush. I do miss custom painting. I was trained by the “Gifted Piers Dowell

I love custom its been my life for so many years so if you have a unique job, always ask cause I relish doing something new.  I’m always adapting my craft to suit my lifestyle and your needs. Picture below is some of my fantasy art and tattoo art


Calling For The Wild

Fenrir the Wolf – A custom tattoo chest and partial sleeve tattoo I did for Dean. I'm currently taking bookings for tattoo design.

Temporary Tattoos

I design more temporary tattoos as you guys seam to love them so much. They are fun for parties and dressing up, as well as seeing what a tattoo will look like before getting it done for real. Some of you have special occasions or memories to celebrate too, so my custom tattoo design can help there, and depending on the size you want? Your tattoo can come with a temporary tattoo so you can try your placement out first. I'd love to help you to design your own unique tattoos. The internet allows me to work from home and work for you no matter where you are in the world. Your tattoos are easy to email and post.

I also make jewelry with my designs, as well as sell prints, downloadable tattoo flash and blank greeting cards for any occasion. Everything in my shop is designed and made by me, and shipped by me. Nothing is mass produced my temporary tattoos and jewelry are made on demand by me. My prints are printed in small print runs and my larger prints are one offs and I have a printer who prints and ships for me. These prints are of the highest quality “ Limited Edition Giclée Archival Print Runs – Museum and Gallery Standard” 75 -100 year ink lifespan on Cannon printers

Example of some of my jewelry


I enjoy traveling and I'm currently in the USA. Working for myself means I can take my work with me while I get the opportunity to be inspired by people and places around the globe. Originally from Herefordshire in the UK. My Mum was an artist so as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil I scribbled, painted, made mud pies, baked and generally got dirty and messy. Alot of fun was had in my early years and that grew and grew. I have been traveling since October 2006. I currently live in Silicon Valley with my husband and our two rats plus 2 new rat babies 🙂

Gary and I in Kerala India on a Tea Plantation

Places I've Lived Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand, Ireland and now I’m in the USA.