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Gary and I recently set off on our travels once again this time our first destination is Kerala India. For our two week stay we are at “The Leela at Kovalam”. This is my first visit to India, on our arrival I was very keen to finally see this country for the first time.
I have heard so much about the place, many will say to you that its one of those places you will either love or hate, there’s a lot of poverty in here, but of course it all depends on what part of India you travel to. Kerala is on the west coast ot India below Goa. As our plane started to descend I could see the forest below, and how beautiful it looked too. We flew into Trivandrum airport, which is nothing like our airports of London with its masses of tarmac and runway, and pollution, so its extremely refreshing to get away from the humdrum and the stresses of the UK.

On leaving the plane i was immediately hit by the heat, which took me a few days to aclimatize. Without a doubt there is a little culture shock to come to terms with, the worst being the ladies toilet, which is just a hole in the ground and somewhere to put your feet! After collecting our luggage we took the bus to our hotel, on our 30 minute ride it give me a real insight to some of the poverty here and the adverse style of life to our own, there is so much that we take for granted in the UK. The traffic here is mad it looks like every man for himself, with lots of horn blowing which is an indication that you’re about to be overtaken, it’s motorbikes galore. Despite all this, the people of India are the real gems, these guys really are happy, smiley and always polite and friendly. The women are always dressed in bright beautiful clothes, there’s so much colour and art here, a real treat for any artist. The country is abundant in wild life and people and I must not for get the smell of India, it’s beautiful all that incense and curry.

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  1. Reuben

    Great Post!!
    I must say that’s the real beauty of India.
    I am a frequent traveler & my last visit was at Kerala backwaters. My experience was very relaxing. The natural beauty in Kerala made my trip successful. I stayed at parkhotels.

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