I want to be an Artist.

Horned GodBack in October 2013 I went to live in Queenstown New Zealand for 5 months and 2 weeks, after a long stay in Thailand. What I learned in New Zealand made me realise that you loved my art. The opportunity to sell my art direct to you in person for the first time in 8 years was amazing. I learn’t what you liked from the art and to the story behind my work, we really connected. It was my message between man, animals, plants and nature.

Queenstown saturday market in the park, was alive with music and arts, and people from all over the world came to join in the friendly atmosphere. Queenstown has a majestic feeling there, the mountains and the lake are memorising and you cannot help but feel amazing at being part of it.

After my experience in Queenstown it made me realise I was truly happy. I had an outlet to share and talk about my art like never before. Sharing with you is the reason why I create. Wow all I can think of is I want more of this, time to be with people who inspire me to do more of what I love. It’s not just about art, its so much more its about the experience I have to connect with so many people like you.

Previously the last 8 years I have been travelling from country to country.  This has been tough on my art, because I was just creating and learning to sell online, with little knowledge on how to do it properly. I just went with the flow and didn’t really know anything about marketing and using the tools I had to hand to create a better following. And I fully admit I found it hard to stay connected , it was difficult to stay focused and positive, especially when you work on your own without many interactions.

Despite all this, I have learnt a lot.

  • I have taught myself to build a websites
  • I’ve learnt how to do blogs.
  • My writing has improved.
  • I’m doing what I love
  • I’ve found great ways to show off my art via social networking

I realise those 8 years of learning and creating art and being able to travel and create gave me the opportunity to create art the body of art I had to share, quiet often you were amazed at the amount of art I had on offer.

And today I realise there needs to be a whole lot more that I need to learn to become a Professional Artist.

After my positive experience I realise my goal and I want to throw myself into it. Now I’m back in Thailand for a while, its time for me to think clearly about moving forward in a positive direction. So I signed up to artbizcoach.com and I’m now listening to a series of 6 FREE videos on how to  Gain Confidence, Credibility and Connections by Alyson B Stanfield 

Positive Moves in the right Direction.

  • While I’m here I’m going to learn more about the industry
  • Create more art
  • Write a book about my art. This will be consist of an 3 sections – Introduction – Meaning behind each painting and story board from start to finish. I figure this is perfect way for you to get to know me and my meaning behind my work.
  • I will be writing more blogs.
  • Focusing on my newsletters.
  • Updating my websites.

I’m always adding new items to pinterest, instagram, twitter and Facebook. Feel free to join in on my creative workings on the links to the top right of this page.






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  1. crystal
    May 11, 2014 | 6:14 pm

    Very cool my friend. I’m glad you got the confidence boost you needed and I look forward to see more amazing stuff from you!

    Many hugs

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