I wanted to introduce you to a new shopping site called FAEBAE. Some of you might already be familiar with this new site, some of you may not. It works much as the same way as ebay, where you can place items up for bidding or a buy it now option. What I love about FAEBAE is that they specialize in fantasy gifts for all you fantasy lovers out there. Plus they are really supporting new up and coming artists.

If your a new artist and want to open your own shop, then FAEBAE is an ideal place to start and provides FREE Classified Ad and Auction listings for the Art, Craft, Handmade, New Age and Fantasy Niche Markets. You can place your ads with a site that offers professional tools and site features without spending a fortune on fees. I too have recently started to add my own products here and the community is growing and I’m honored that FAEBAE is out there giving everyone a chance for there businesses to grow in a beautiful community of enchanted artists from all over the world. Thank you FAEBAE and I wish your luck on this beautiful venture.


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