Day Trip to Tagaytay Philippines.

After nearly spending two months here in the Manila, we made it out for a trip into the Country. Our Journey began by bus to the city of Tagaytay. Tagaytay is famous, for Taal Lake and Volcano. The City is built right next the the Volcano. In the first Picture below you can see the islands, The whole lake you can see is the mouth of the volcano itself. To the right of the photo you can see a smaller volcano but this is only a small part of the major one it is sat in.
Down below in the lake are fish farms and smaller settlements. From where we were standing their are many beautiful restaurants for you to spend watching the beautiful sunsets.

When we first arrived at Tagaytay we stopped off at Sonja’s gardens where we walked around to see the beautiful gardens filled with amazing flowers which I have never seen before. It was here we stopped for a bite of lunch, which was a set menu with three courses and drinks. I highly recommend going there, its an experience well worth a visit. The last photo is Gary and I taking time out for a sweet kiss this was taken at Sonya’s Garden, in one of the many relaxing spots, where you can chill and wind down from the stressful week 🙂

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