Cherohala Skyway Southward bound for Orlando.

On our way back to Orlando from Brent Creek we decided to travel across the Smoky Mountains to connect to the I75. After getting the chance to do deals gap, we were told by many fellow bikers to go and do the Cherohala Skyway as the views were so awesome. So not to miss out on this golden opportunity we set off bright and early and made our way to Cherokee, Bryson City, Robinnsville towards the Cherohala Skyway. The bike ride was awesome in every way…;) the views were spectualar and ride was smooth and I pretty much sang my way the whole time.
In the photos is the view of the smoky mountains form the cherohala skyway, with a little picky of us at the bottom;) and the above clip is the view from out log cabin condo.  If you love green mountains and lots of waterfalls this is a must place to visit… Were be back again:)

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