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Gothic Angel Wings

These Gothic wings are my latest creation especially for DBH, I just entered this competition and wanted to see what you think and whether you could vote for me 😉 the more votes I get the more chance it will get into print. 😉
I’ve been wanting to get back into designing clothes for a long time so this is a great opportunity to see how well my designs go on the open market and see what people really like.

This kind of design has been done before but mainly for the male market and I wanted something sexy for the female market too. This will he the first of many designs I hope so here’s to the future.

I also have this for sale as tattoo flash at my tattoo site.

I want to thank you all in advance for taking the time out for me 🙂 and if any of you do vote big hugs and smiles for you too

LuvTave xx

My New Tattoo Website, Custom Tattoos and Tattoo flash.

Its been 2 months since my last post, so much has happened since then:

Firstly, I’m now living in Bang Na Bangkok, and have been here for nearly two months. Its been my first time in Thailand, and what a great place to visit! The people, and the culture here have been great. I have not done very much site seeing apart from going down the local for Jack Daniels and a dabbling of Karaoke, LOL.

Over the last few months I have been busy putting together my new tattoo website Lunarian Tattoos. The reason for this is over the many years I have been an artist, I have been asked to design tattoos, I was also getting a lot of requests to designs tattoos or use my own designs for tattoos, so I decided to do something about it. So for some of you who would like to use my faerie designs as tattoo pieces I now have flash for sale, all designs come with lining in sheets, so to make the job easier for your tattooist to get your design ready quicker. I also include with this a letter of consent form allowing the tattooist and yourself to use the design. While I understand that people will download my designs from the computer and I cannot stop this, this does mean the image quality is poor and you will end up paying a lot more for the tattooist to trace it and be assured many tattooists charge anything from above $80 per hour for there services. So be aware!!! Most of my flash art is around the $20 mark.

Another option available to you is to send in a photo of your finished tattoo so I can add it to my gallery and show off your beautiful piece. I have also included a custom tattoo page for those who want something totally unique designed by myself. For this I charge $30 an hour (or if you have a budget we can always try and work to this) — considerably lower than a tattooist.  The reason for this is I work from home and I do not need transport or a place to work, so this is great for your pocket, the enviroment and me as I get to do what I love, giving you a treasured piece of art and a smile.

A tattoo design can take anything from 2 hours up, my last tattoo design was 5 hours. When the job is completed you will have a lining sheet, the signed original, and a unique tattoo!

You can now see my work at create my tattoo too 😉

South Florida Tattoo Convention

South Florida Tattoo Convention

After setting off early to avoid the heat of the day we headed south form orlando to fort Lauderdale, just north of Miami. After a spot of lunch we checked into our hotel and a quick fresh up before we headed to The South Florida Tattoo Convention on foot. The convention was packed…This was an ideal chance for me to see some of the pros at work, after recently purchasing my own tattoo kit. After having a good look around I stumbled onto the Tattoojohnny stall where I met David Bolt a renowned Artist of beautiful fantasy work. If you like fantasy gothic artwork with beautifull women check out his website… Awesome!! What a really nice guy, it was great to talk to him as recently myself I contacted them to see if they are interested in showing my work.. so watch this space… 😉

Another great artist I met that day was David Nestler, I spent over half an hour talking to him about his work. This eye for detail is amazing and I was so shocked to hear that it was not airbrushed, but hand painted which is even more amazing, and very time consuming. Not only was he a really good artist,but he didn’t mind me talking to him with all kinds of questions on the process he uses.

While looking around the Tattooists I spotted the work of Scott from visualvortex, and this is the guy I have chosen to do my next tattoo. I want Scott to do my Goddess tattoo on the base of my back. I saw the photo of this tattoo below which made me decide on Scott to do my tattoo. So next year when we return to Orlando for my birthday present to myself will be getting my Goddess tattoo done.

After a amazing day we headed back to our hotel for a well earned sleep. 🙂

New Tattoo Designs

Since arriving in the states, I have been stuck without my computer, as unfortunately mine well and truely died:-( But during my month of no technology I put penscil to paper and came up with a few tattoo designs. Here are a couple of those designs. It started off with a long awaited request from a friend, who wanted me to design a cover up tattoo of a dragon. The first dragon is my cover up design for her. Well you could say I had some fun and I was fully inspired to design some more dragons. For those that follow my blog, you already know that I’m practicing to tattoo, and I’m going to spend some of my time designing tattoos also. Just recently I had an email from tattoo johnny saying they would like me to send some of my work in, as they like my work and are considering putting my art on there site so fingers crossed 🙂 and hopefully sometime in the near future you will be able to buy my designs and download them from the net. tattoojohnny is an ideal site to find that special design for you, they support many different artists with many styles, something for everyone 🙂

If you like what you see, and are interested in having something especially designed just for you, and for you only, you can contact by email.