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Its been far too long since I’ve created some new art 😉 So here is the finished piece called “Temptation” and the model is the beautiful “Nettle” Here she is on one of my pocket mirrors which are available at my etsy store

I am so happy with this painting the first thing I notice is Nettles beautiful eyes they draw you in to her beauty. I took inspiration from a photo I worked from with this piece, it was a rather tempting photo, which said everything to me. I wanted to add a goddess feel to this, and the crescent of the moon fitted perfectly around the face representing the goddess of the night. I know Nettle feels passionate about the fae, nature and our earth so I added a sultry little fae who works with Nettle to tempt you to return to all things nature.

Thank you Nettle for allowing me to work with you.

¨* *.¸.*´*¸ .• *¨* ´¸ .`¯¨*•´ faerie blessings and kisses ¨* *.¸.*´*¸ .• *¨* ´¸ .`¯¨*•´


Earth Day Faerie Healing Energy for the Earth.

I wanted to create a new piece for Earth Day. I knew I was going to base it around a friend of mine Siani. When I first decided to create this piece, my intuition was telling me that she would be ideal for the painting.

Whenever I think of what crystals to use, certain crystals talk to me along with the colors in which I’m going to use for the piece. Always when I decide upon my model for a particular piece that the connection between subject and matter always complement each other perfectly. I did have a vague idea that Siani was into amber, as I recall her boyfriend Joe buying some jewelry for her, plus I had some insight from a good friend, So green Amber was a must. Siani is also from the Orkney Islands and loves the Brodgar Stones. So I wanted to add them as sunrise setting placing Siani between the stones, watching a new day come to life.
I wanted to use the earth symbol so I created my own green amber shading the area lighter for the cross, I felt that it fitted in nicely over the earth as Green amber is associated with protection, it turns negative energy into positive, cleans the chakras, and aids purification. It clears the heart chakra and fills it with love. As an Earth stone this was fitting to use it to help cleanse our earth. Another stone I also decided to use my good old friend of mine is amyethst, this crystal is one of the most powerful crystals of healing, its good for cleansing and healing an excellent stone for meditation and visualization in to sowing the seed on manifestation with the all seeing power of wisdom. For some reason I was also guided to peridot and black onyx but peridot was the final choice as for sometime now this stone has been in my thoughts and it turned out to be more than perfect for this piece. Peridot is an excellent protective stone for the aura, its also a powerful cleanser, this stone is also excellent in releasing negative patterns and old vibrations, its my hope this will help bring about the necessary change needed in the consciousness shift.

Holding the earth I used our own nature spirit the fae, she is in the goddess position holding the earth. To me this looks like the looking glass into our soul the earth, she is home of everything.

This design is now available on greeting cards at my etsy store

Bluebell Faerie Love and Humility

This painting is about humility and it mean gratitude and love, it is a time for reflection, humble begins and change. I used labradorite is known as a destiny stone, a power stone and its excellent for clarifying your goals for the future and bringing you closer to humility, its a wonderful stone for transformation and seeing the true self, taking away stress. I used a lot of purple in this painting, which is a great visualization and healing color and the greens really balance you out. I used azurite as its a great stone for the transformation, healing and cleansing and helping you to connect to our spiritual side, its positive effects help you break free form old bad habits, a wonderful stone to release the spring time in you. And green jasper as its a balancing stone great for the heart chakra.
Bluebells bloom in the spring time and are said to be connected to the faerie realm. Some say that you should not walk through bluebells as it is believed that the enchantment would lead you to the little folk who would then spirit you away. Folklore also warns you that should you be unlucky to hear the bluebells ring, that you may die within a year. Well what ever you believe bluebells are enchanting and through all my childhood I just received the greatest of pleasure playing and walking through the blankets of bluebells, to a young girl you feel like a princess surrounded by the beauty of nature.

May Spring and happiness fill your faerie path with magic X

Earth Faerie, Base Chakra “Muladhara”

This is the first of my chakra faeries inspired by the elements of the base chakra.
Its all about stability and nurturing. My friend Sarah inspired me for this painting, she is a mother of four beautiful children, as well as being a good solid friend with excellent advice in all matters of the heart, she is a true earth mother. The base chakra becomes one with the earth representing our strong connection for survival, grounding and stability.

At times when we are under stress, its easy to become disconnected and unfocused. This is when we need to connect to our basic survival instinct, where we can feel emotionally stable and physically fit and healthy. Balance is the key aspect of this chakra; if we have that, then we will be a grounded person. Muladhara is holding the earth, embracing the love and nourishment it gives, while she grounds herself as her feet turn into roots. As she inhales she absorbs all the goodness of the earth recharging her body with the cleansing crystals of the earth – ruby, garnet, tigers eye, bloodstone and black onyx, then as she exhales she releases all negativity to be cleansed by mother nature. Ruby transforms negative energy to positive energy, dispels lethargy and strengthens her immune system. Garnet raises her self-confidence and balances her base. Tigers eye calms her mind. She uses the bloodstone for circulating all of the energy in her body, eventually removing any energy blocks. And black onyx is for overall protection and her good health.
Also available in pocket mirrors, rings, necklaces, cards and prints at my etsy store

Pans labyrinth

Pans labyrinth

I loved this film by Guillermo del Toro. Its about a girl, a maze, and a monster. It is a fairy tale, mixed with horror, sadness and revenge. Its about a girls journey of escape and mystery. The characters and special effects in the film are brilliant  and its no wonder this little girl goes off in search for her destiny. A must see for all fairy lovers.