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Prints Now Available at Deviant Art.

If you’re looking to purchase my art, is a great place to go. I recently set up my shop on their website, and they are many great reasons to shop with them. They use high-quality printers, and my prints are always in stock. Print on demand is a great way to do business, as it eliminates overprinting. Thats reduces the costs and is better for the environment.

As well, offer excellent shipping rates, and they can post overseas. For those of you in America, this is perfect: Shipping originates from the US, so delivery is quick and prices are low. This also means you get to buy Local. No more waiting up to three weeks for your prints!

Besides buying my prints from you can purchase them at my website, etsy and zazzle. use LASERLAB a 50×75 cm. (20″x30″) photographic color laser printer
* Print sizes range from 4″x6″ – 20″x32″.
* The LASERLAB printing resolution is 3000 dpi.
* Its 16 bit per color DAC (total 48 bit) the print quality has an exceptional tone continuity.

At the moment I don’t offer prints to retailers.

Antique Oval Dress Rings.

These simple elegant rings really make my designs stand out! I find that when I wear one they get noticed! And I get so many lovely complements.

These antique oval rings are my newest product I have added to my store lately. They come in antique silver plated brass and antique brass. The rings are nickel free and lead free and adjustable. They are all handmade by myself and the artwork is placed beneath a 30x40mm clear cabochon which really magnifies the detail of the art beneath. The cabochon is 10mm high.
All my gifts come gift packed and are ideal for you of someone special. For more designs and available styles check out my store.

2011 Calendar Faeries, Mermaids and Mythical Men.

Introducing my first ever Calendar! This has been a project that has been on my mind for a while, and thanks to some gentle persuasion from a friend I decided now was the right time ๐Ÿ™‚ Along with the fact that this year has been a great year for creating art. I have so totally loved the time I have had for my creations, and what better way to show it off in a Calendar. Its also a great way of collecting my work and is ideal to frame too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I released my Calendar with zazzle and it features all of this years latest works.

Over the last few weeks I have decided to dedicate more time to my shop here for a few reasons. Besides acting as a great showcase for my work, zazzle enables me to offer more choice for you too in a wide variety of really cool products to chose from. Plus regularly offer great discounts and free shipping from time to time, so through my twitter account and facebook account I will keep you posted on as many offers from zazzle as I can. Another reason that zazzle is so great for me, is I don’t have to worry about carrying stock around with me. As a full time traveller this is great! and I don’t have to worry about shipping. Lastly they also except returns, which is great for my customer, its essential that you are 100% happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Over the coming months I will be adding skateboards, binders, mugs, prints, t-shirts and much much more ๐Ÿ˜‰

Absinthe Faerie T-shirt

New beginnings is upon us once again. Theres something quite special and positive about new starts, whether weโ€™ve had a good or bad previous year, its time to revitalize new hopes, and have fresh new outlooks and pay homage to ourselves. All that matters from one new year to the next is to smile and put some sunshine in our hearts, love and simply do what make you happy.

For me I had a magical 2009 I saw many new pastures and met some lovely folk and gained some new friends here at Lunarian. I take this time to welcome some new friends, what ever your here for whether its a fan of my art, or to be inspired may the magic of the earth be with you and have a wonderful new year.

Towards the end of last year I created this new piece called โ€œAbsintheโ€ and I decided to create a new t-shirt for designs by humans so heres my โ€œFairy Queen of the Drunken Greenโ€ and is now up for voting at DBH.
Also available in pocket mirrors, rings, necklaces, cards and prints at my etsy store

New Fairy Belt Buckle.

Star Belt Buckle

I’m pleased to announce that my sample belt buckles are on the way;) There are five new designs, blue bell, mermaid, moon goddess, star and dragon skull. Over the last few months I have been looking into getting my designs put on to belt buckles, and they will be launched later this month. There is a limited print run of 50 of each design world wide, and for the next two weeks theres a $5.00 discount and free delivery, and the response has been great, so don’t delay reserve yours today.

Thank you to everyone who have left me beautiful comments, it makes everything worth while, and keeps me inspired to paint more ๐Ÿ˜‰

The last few months have been brilliant since joining the fairy society I have met so many beautiful people and friends. For anyone reading this and who creates fairy artwork you should take a look, its a great place to help promote your work and meet new people ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also coming up this month is 3 wishes Faerie fest, I will be there for the first time and I’m really looking forward to many talented artists like Linda Ravenscroft, Priscilla Hernandez, Chris Down, Myrea Pettit and many more, so I look forward to seeing you there in the festivities of fun;)