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Earth Soul for Earth Day 22 April 2013 Please Vote For Me.

I have my Earth Soul in a competition over on Designs By Humans If you like my tee please vote
A little more about Earth Soul. One of our many cherished Spirits 🙂 Earth Soul is a Dryad. She is tree spirit. She stands on the gateway to the earth, surrounded by air, she senses the sound of the wind and listens to the rustle of the seasons, calm and connected. With her roots she feels the earth below holding fast she is grounded and is nourished by the earth source. She is spirit and body, feeling all the other elements around her, air, fire, water, and either, nourishing her. In turn they help each other, one cannot live without each other, the building blocks of life our beautiful Earth. Earth Soul goddess of trees.
Many Blessings for your vote

Absinthe Faerie T-shirt

New beginnings is upon us once again. Theres something quite special and positive about new starts, whether we’ve had a good or bad previous year, its time to revitalize new hopes, and have fresh new outlooks and pay homage to ourselves. All that matters from one new year to the next is to smile and put some sunshine in our hearts, love and simply do what make you happy.

For me I had a magical 2009 I saw many new pastures and met some lovely folk and gained some new friends here at Lunarian. I take this time to welcome some new friends, what ever your here for whether its a fan of my art, or to be inspired may the magic of the earth be with you and have a wonderful new year.

Towards the end of last year I created this new piece called “Absinthe” and I decided to create a new t-shirt for designs by humans so heres my “Fairy Queen of the Drunken Green” and is now up for voting at DBH.
Also available in pocket mirrors, rings, necklaces, cards and prints at my etsy store

New Fairy Belt Buckle.

Star Belt Buckle

I’m pleased to announce that my sample belt buckles are on the way;) There are five new designs, blue bell, mermaid, moon goddess, star and dragon skull. Over the last few months I have been looking into getting my designs put on to belt buckles, and they will be launched later this month. There is a limited print run of 50 of each design world wide, and for the next two weeks theres a $5.00 discount and free delivery, and the response has been great, so don’t delay reserve yours today.

Thank you to everyone who have left me beautiful comments, it makes everything worth while, and keeps me inspired to paint more 😉

The last few months have been brilliant since joining the fairy society I have met so many beautiful people and friends. For anyone reading this and who creates fairy artwork you should take a look, its a great place to help promote your work and meet new people 😉

Also coming up this month is 3 wishes Faerie fest, I will be there for the first time and I’m really looking forward to many talented artists like Linda Ravenscroft, Priscilla Hernandez, Chris Down, Myrea Pettit and many more, so I look forward to seeing you there in the festivities of fun;)

The Raven at The Petrified Forest

The Raven at The Petrified Forest

Today is new moon 0% and I saw a Raven who has a connection with Demeter.The Greek goddess of agriculture, especially corn, so that a basket or an ear of corn is her symbol. She is the mother of Persephone, for whom she searched through the world, and is also connected with the Mysteries at Eleusis.

found this site today Demeter International

on organic farming.

The Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

Day 14 on the bikes, and leaving Gallup we headed west once again into Arizona. taking the scenic route into the Petrified Forest.  The Petrified wood  has crystallized after millions of years of being buried under ash from the near by volcanos. And believe me nothing perpared me for the beauty of this amazing landscape, I can honestly say that this is the most amazing road I have ever riden in my life-time, and I didn't want it to end. The national Park is 28 miles long, the road over looks long distance vistas of the Painted Desert, Agate Bridge, Crystal Forest and trail, Jasper Forest, it has hiking trials, pick nick areas and museums, unfortunately due to our limited traveling time we did not get to see all the forest had to offer, but dissapointed we were not… as arriving in the mid afternoon, the forest shuts at 5pm, so we didn't have much time, but we were fortunate enough to see the forest in all its splendour at sunset….inspiring it was almost as if we were in prehistoric times…
If your planning to make a visit here, I'd give yourself a good day to explore, you will not be disapointed.