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Trip to Manila, Typhoons and Sketching

Our Manila trip did not go as planned, but such is life sometimes you just have to go with it 🙂 Anyways we planned a little get away to visit friends and see what had changed since the last time we were there. We took a trip to our old home in Fort Bonifacio Serendra, Global city and was amazed to see how much it had changed. The photo below was taken in the inside area of Serendra and this really was a lovely place to stay. Below the Swimming pool and gym was basket ball and badminton courts.


During our last stay Serendra was still only half built, but there were plans for so much more. In August we were both totally shocked at the growth of the area in the last 3 years, with many new condo towers built and more currently going up, along with a new business district and a huge new mall called Aura which was recently opened by Jessica Parker. 01/2013


Heres a look at the new “Aura SM Mall”


Global Activity is a hive of activity, with so much going on. Fort Bonifacio is more high end living, with everything you need from schools, supermarkets, department stores, malls, cinema, and great restaurants and also the most importantly an art store 😉 When we were last there it was without doubt the most expensive place we’ve lived at in Asia.

During this trip however we got caught out in a Tropical Storm Maring, with over 600mm of rain falling in just one day. So we were held up in our hotel for a few days, as many roads were waist and chest height and impassable by most vehicles.

With some time on my hands, this gave me the opportunity to create some new art. This is what I created while the sky was full of rain an asian style mermaid with a koi fish called “Spirit of Good Fortune” kinda apt for the situation we were in.


We stayed at The Oasis Park  Ermita manila, a little boutique hotel. It was very reasonable and comfortable so we were very happy. The Food at the hotel was amazing and was one of the best places we ate during our stay Manila, although very pricy, but this was 1st class dining at its best. Home made soups started at $5.00 and was served with home made fresh bread. Mains were around $17 and the sweets up to $8. I must not forget to mention the homemade ice-crean by Chef Chris, absolutely delicious. I was told beforehand  that the restaurant was very nice and has won many awards it certainly was very popular. Trip advisor reviews 4.5/5

Here’s a video or our taxi ride back to our hotel on Sunday 18th August 2013 Tropical Storm Maring. On our way back water started to come into the footwell in the car, quiet scary at the time.



New Tattoo Website and New Home Bangkok


Its been 2 months since my last post, so much has happened since then…

Firstly, I’m now living in Bang Na Bangkok, and have been here for nearly two months. Its my first time in Thailand, and what a great place to visit! The people, and the culture here have been great. I have not done very much site seeing apart from going down the local for Jack Daniels and a dabbling of Karaoke.

I have been busy putting together my new tattoo website Lunarian Tattoos. The reason I’m doing this is I’ve been asked many times to design tattoos and I’m getting requests to designs tattoos or use my own designs for tattoos, so I decided to do something about it.

I’ve also been designing for Create My Tattoos, see my work at create my tattoo

Day Trip to Tagaytay Philippines.

After nearly spending two months here in the Manila, we made it out for a trip into the Country. Our Journey began by bus to the city of Tagaytay. Tagaytay is famous, for Taal Lake and Volcano. The City is built right next the the Volcano. In the first Picture below you can see the islands, The whole lake you can see is the mouth of the volcano itself. To the right of the photo you can see a smaller volcano but this is only a small part of the major one it is sat in.
Down below in the lake are fish farms and smaller settlements. From where we were standing their are many beautiful restaurants for you to spend watching the beautiful sunsets.

When we first arrived at Tagaytay we stopped off at Sonja’s gardens where we walked around to see the beautiful gardens filled with amazing flowers which I have never seen before. It was here we stopped for a bite of lunch, which was a set menu with three courses and drinks. I highly recommend going there, its an experience well worth a visit. The last photo is Gary and I taking time out for a sweet kiss this was taken at Sonya’s Garden, in one of the many relaxing spots, where you can chill and wind down from the stressful week 🙂

Golden hills.

Another trip we took was a visit to the tea plantation and spice plantations. On our way up to the tea plantations we stopped to see the rubber tree fields and watch the local worker in extracting the rubber from the trees. In the first photo you can see him cutting the tree, and the trickle of rubber coming from the tree. Our next stop was Ruby’s spice plantation, here we stopped to see all kind of spice that were grown in these parts. All spice, ginger, african ginger, nutmeg,turmeric(used as an antiseptic to mosquito bites), Chillies, lime, cocoa, cloves, pepper and coffee to name a few.  we were lucky enough to be served lunch and meet the 84 year old Ruby, who was a complete darling, an amazingly interesting and insightful lady and will surely touch your heart with her passion and knowledge for life. Who also work with Mother Terassa. This was very profound for me as my own Nan passed away a few days before at the grand old age of 86. I will so miss her, she was the most inspiring person I had in my life, especially after losing my own mum 11 years ago.

The second photo is the river  on the way up to the tea plantation. The views are amazing and they will take your breath away. To get to the plantation you will zig zag your way up through the mountain passing through the rain forest and if you’re lucky you might see the wild monkeys, tigers, elephants. Once up at the top of the mountain you will see the tea plantation factory. Here there is a restaurant where you can sample the local brew. This is one of the rare places where they roll the tea leaves instead of crushing them, which makes for a stronger tasting tea.

Kerala India

Gary and I recently set off on our travels once again this time our first destination is Kerala India. For our two week stay we are at “The Leela at Kovalam”. This is my first visit to India, on our arrival I was very keen to finally see this country for the first time.
I have heard so much about the place, many will say to you that its one of those places you will either love or hate, there’s a lot of poverty in here, but of course it all depends on what part of India you travel to. Kerala is on the west coast ot India below Goa. As our plane started to descend I could see the forest below, and how beautiful it looked too. We flew into Trivandrum airport, which is nothing like our airports of London with its masses of tarmac and runway, and pollution, so its extremely refreshing to get away from the humdrum and the stresses of the UK.

On leaving the plane i was immediately hit by the heat, which took me a few days to aclimatize. Without a doubt there is a little culture shock to come to terms with, the worst being the ladies toilet, which is just a hole in the ground and somewhere to put your feet! After collecting our luggage we took the bus to our hotel, on our 30 minute ride it give me a real insight to some of the poverty here and the adverse style of life to our own, there is so much that we take for granted in the UK. The traffic here is mad it looks like every man for himself, with lots of horn blowing which is an indication that you’re about to be overtaken, it’s motorbikes galore. Despite all this, the people of India are the real gems, these guys really are happy, smiley and always polite and friendly. The women are always dressed in bright beautiful clothes, there’s so much colour and art here, a real treat for any artist. The country is abundant in wild life and people and I must not for get the smell of India, it’s beautiful all that incense and curry.