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Trip to Manila, Typhoons and Sketching

Our Manila trip did not go as planned, but such is life sometimes you just have to go with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways we planned a little get away to visit friends and see what had changed since the last time we were there. We took a trip to our old home in Fort Bonifacio Serendra, Global city and was amazed to see how much it had changed. The photo below was taken in the inside area of Serendra and this really was a lovely place to stay. Below the Swimming pool and gym was basket ball and badminton courts.


During our last stay Serendra was still only half built, but there were plans for so much more. In August we were both totally shocked at the growth of the area in the last 3 years, with many new condo towers built and more currently going up, along with a new business district and a huge new mall called Aura which was recently opened by Jessica Parker. 01/2013


Heres a look at the new “Aura SM Mall”


Global Activity is a hive of activity, with so much going on. Fort Bonifacio is more high end living, with everything you need from schools, supermarkets, department stores, malls, cinema, and great restaurants and also the most importantly an art store ๐Ÿ˜‰ When we were last there it was without doubt the most expensive place we’ve lived at in Asia.

During this trip however we got caught out in a Tropical Storm Maring, with over 600mm of rain falling in just one day. So we were held up in our hotel for a few days, as many roads were waist and chest height and impassable by most vehicles.

With some time on my hands, this gave me the opportunity to create some new art. This is what I created while the sky was full of rain an asian style mermaid with a koi fish called “Spirit of Good Fortune” kinda apt for the situation we were in.


We stayed at The Oasis Park  Ermita manila, a little boutique hotel. It was very reasonable and comfortable so we were very happy. The Food at the hotel was amazing and was one of the best places we ate during our stay Manila, although very pricy, but this was 1st class dining at its best. Home made soups started at $5.00 and was served with home made fresh bread. Mains were around $17 and the sweets up to $8. I must not forget to mention the homemade ice-crean by Chef Chris, absolutely delicious. I was told beforehand  that the restaurant was very nice and has won many awards it certainly was very popular. Trip advisor reviews 4.5/5

Here’s a video or our taxi ride back to our hotel on Sunday 18th August 2013 Tropical Storm Maring. On our way back water started to come into the footwell in the car, quiet scary at the time.



Earth Soul for Earth Day 22 April 2013 Please Vote For Me.

I have my Earth Soul in a competition over on Designs By Humans If you like my tee please vote
A little more about Earth Soul. One of our many cherished Spirits ๐Ÿ™‚ Earth Soul is a Dryad. She is tree spirit. She stands on the gateway to the earth, surrounded by air, she senses the sound of the wind and listens to the rustle of the seasons, calm and connected. With her roots she feels the earth below holding fast she is grounded and is nourished by the earth source. She is spirit and body, feeling all the other elements around her, air, fire, water, and either, nourishing her. In turn they help each other, one cannot live without each other, the building blocks of life our beautiful Earth. Earth Soul goddess of trees.
Many Blessings for your vote

Mother Of Dragons T-shirt Fan Art


Being such a fan of Game of Thrones I really wanted to create some cool t-shirts. I love all the characters of the series they have all something special about them, even if you dislike them, the chemistry just works. Their’s so much going on, and it always keeps you on your toes. Having read all of the books of the “Song of Ice and Fire” I can say we are in for a treat with Season 3, that we are really going to struggle in between seasons.ย Join the Dragon Army!

Daenery’s Targaryen Necklace
After watching Seasons 1 & 2 my favorite characters were Daenery’s Targaryen and Khal Drogo. For obvious reasons the chemistry between these two characters really made it feel real, every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be him. Drogo is all man, beast, the all powerful King by day, but slowly she wins him over and you see love grow between them and he becomes something else. Apart from these two characters, the next has to be Tyrion Lannister, besides his charm, whit, cunning and charisma he has all the girls, wine, jokes and laughs you could hope for, plus he seams to be the only Lannister so far to have a real heart. And forgetting he has the best lines ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like any good story you need strong characters and just in life we learn more, grow and change and so Game of Thrones come to life. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the offerings of George R. R. Martin, “A Song of Ice and Fire”

Below is the image I’m working on next, Tyrion Lannister.


Progress reports on Tyrion’s Tee Keep watching this blog.

So youโ€™ve guessed it, I’m a self confessed GOT addict! So this is why I was inspired to create to art for prints and t-shirts. If you were an artist and felt so inspired to create I bet you would too;) First up is Deanery’s Targaryen as Mother of Dragons in “I Will Take Back What is Mine with By Fire and Blood!” This is a pencil sketch I did, which I then scanned it into my computer, so I could add some flames with photoshop airbrushing on the Wacom tablet. For the print I used a really nice aged paper image, just to add some age to it. The image of Daenery’s is from the new Game of Thrones Season 3, and the dragons are from Season 2, the dragons were the hardest part as I wanted them to look like they should do, but the images on the net were very few so I had to the best I could to create them.

From Pencil Sketch – t-shirt print to signed prints

If you have a favourite character you would like to see let me know.

Women’s Love Your Tees With Fire and Blood! ยฃ15.99
Men’s Love Your Tees With Fire and Blood! ยฃ16.99


“Earth Soul” New Dryad Art

Art is a State of Mediation it’s Where We Connect to the Source.

2012 was full of flying around, losing a loved one, trying out a new career move, that did not work out, and organizing my wedding. On a waking moment basis I’m constantly battling with making a living while traveling because I have so many areas I can work in. I’m lucky to be a gifted person who can pretty much do what I set my mind to, whether its painting, drawing, making jewelry, crafting and cooking or just coming up with ideas my mind is always on the go, but this is also my downfall because I’m always moving from one job to the next and never doing something exceptionally well, and I often find myself exhausted and still struggling to be an artist.

As the year was at an end, I sat quietly and thought about my year and how I felt about my experience. Was I happy? Did i make others happy? Did I achieve the things I wanted? And if not why what happened for me to disconnect for a time. And this is how “Earth Soul” came to be. I was a wanting to be still and go back to the basics. Just using a graphite pencil to create and still my mind and meditate on going back to my roots.

Earth Soul is about going back to basics and learning from the ground up connecting to our roots. We all have times when we need to reconnect to the earth and feel at peace within ourselves after a busy day. Or maybe we want to spend a few minutes at the beginning of the day just to centre ourselves for the day ahead. Earth Soul is just that she watches and listens to the world within herself and around her and connects to the divine source as she becomes one with the earth. Many mediations start off or finish off with a grounding exercise. An ideal way is to imagine you feet growing roots and feeling all the goodness from the earth. As you breathe in you fill your body of all the goodness of the earth and as you breathe out, you release all the stresses, and any negative emotions of the day. The more you do this the more your roots travel and the more refreshed you will feel, ready to take on the day ahead, or relax at the end of a long day.

I’m still chasing my tail with different projects and trying to calm my mind, like what do I write next and will I achieve what I want at the end of this day? I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves the same questions? Does it really matter that I don’t achieve all I set out for my day? Will I punish myself if I don’t? Yes is the most likely answer, but today my message is to enjoy everything. So with that in mind its time to take a shower and grow my roots and reevaluate where I am heading today.