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A Message Within One Moment of Time.

What have I got to do today? My plan is to write a blog post on “My Mission” but the more I think about it, its more of a message, an understanding of where I am at today.  Our visions and messages are always evolving I realise, as life is forever changing, but the core principles…

Dairy Free, Wheat Free Chiang Mai Noodles. Alloy Mac Mac!

This is such a lovely dish and quick and easy to make, and its one of our favourites. Plus is has the added bonus that you can adapt this to suit most allergies. 1 tbs of oil 1 tbs of chicken stock powder 1/2 tbs chopped palm sugar 1/2 packet of Thai red curry paste…

Coffee Shops and Galleries, A Fresh Outlook to Art and Meeting People.

I love cappuccino coffee, and what better away to pass the time, than to popping into my local Coffee Park shop at Srinakarin. On Monday evenings its Au Bon Pain Rainbow Hill, Thong Lor , while I’m waiting for my hubby to finish his training. Then its off to a nice little Italian down for dinner….

Beautiful Sisters, Custom Portraits

I decided to call this work “Beautiful Sisters” I’ve been taking a break from my normal art works, just to bring some element of change back into my work. Over the last month I have been going to my local coffee shop to draw and get myself out of the condo and start meeting people….

Spirit Dancer

One of my older sketches I did a while back during a flight to Vietnam. Spirit Dancer inspired me to want to dance to the songs of the trees. One of my favourite pastimes is to sit outdoors and sketch to my hearts content. The feel of breeze whilst listening to the leaves rustle in…