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Ocean Heart

The other week I completed the finishing touches to “Ocean Heart“ my mermaid angel of the sea. Looking at the painting above you can see that I finished of the hair and the water, to create more depth and movement in the water I used thin layers of watery paint building up many layers. Finally I used white paint to add some high lights to the bubbles.

Her Goddess name is within you and speaks to you.

“Ocean Heart“ is about honoring our quiet time and simply being you, taking time to be in the moment, to appreciate yourself. Breathing listening to your heart beat feeling everything in that second, within you and around you. When you are at one, within the moment you can feel so much love and your inner voice becomes loud and clear. The pearl in between her hands is the essence of everything, you and all living creatures, in the ocean, on the land, in the sky, within the earth and beyond into our vast universe, its the pearl of all life and love.”Breath in the loving warmth and pass on that glow.”

Thank you for following my journey while creating this painting. Sharing this process with you has been very full filling and has enabled me to give something back. This was the 1st of my art tips and there will be more in the future. There are some lovely gifts now available from my zazzle store now available in ipad, iphone, blackberry, galaxy covers, skateboards, stickers, greeting cards and much more.

Coming soon! Handmade Jewelry from my etsy store

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Absinthe Faerie T-shirt

New beginnings is upon us once again. Theres something quite special and positive about new starts, whether we’ve had a good or bad previous year, its time to revitalize new hopes, and have fresh new outlooks and pay homage to ourselves. All that matters from one new year to the next is to smile and put some sunshine in our hearts, love and simply do what makes you happy.

For me I had a magical 2009 I saw many new pastures and met some lovely folk and gained some new friends here at Lunarian Art. I take this time to welcome some new friends, what ever your here for whether its a fan of my art, or to be inspired. May the magic of the earth be with you and have a wonderful new year.

Towards the end of last year I created this new piece called “Absinthe” and I decided to create a new t-shirt for designs by humans so heres my “Fairy Queen of the Drunken Green” and is now up for voting at DBH.
Also available as Jewelry, cards and prints at my etsy store

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New Tattoo Website and New Home Bangkok


Its been 2 months since my last post, so much has happened since then…

Firstly, I’m now living in Bang Na Bangkok, and have been here for nearly two months. Its my first time in Thailand, and what a great place to visit! The people, and the culture here have been great. I have not done very much site seeing apart from going down the local for Jack Daniels and a dabbling of Karaoke.

I have been busy putting together my new tattoo website Lunarian Tattoos. The reason I’m doing this is I’ve been asked many times to design tattoos and I’m getting requests to designs tattoos or use my own designs for tattoos, so I decided to do something about it.

I’ve also been designing for Create My Tattoos, see my work at create my tattoo

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Earth Day Faerie Healing Energy for the Earth.

I wanted to create a new piece for Earth Day. I knew I was going to base it around a friend of mine Siani. When I first decided to create this piece, my intuition was telling me that she would be ideal for the painting.

Whenever I think of what crystals to use, certain crystals talk to me along with the colors in which I’m going to use for the piece. Always when I decide upon my model for a particular piece that the connection between subject and matter always complement each other perfectly. I did have a vague idea that Siani was into amber, as I recall her boyfriend Joe buying some jewelry for her, plus I had some insight from a good friend, So green Amber was a must. Siani is also from the Orkney Islands and loves the Brodgar Stones. So I wanted to add them as sunrise setting placing Siani between the stones, watching a new day come to life.
I wanted to use the earth symbol so I created my own green amber shading the area lighter for the cross, I felt that it fitted in nicely over the earth as Green amber is associated with protection, it turns negative energy into positive, cleans the chakras, and aids purification. It clears the heart chakra and fills it with love. As an Earth stone this was fitting to use it to help cleanse our earth. Another stone I also decided to use my good old friend of mine is amyethst, this crystal is one of the most powerful crystals of healing, its good for cleansing and healing an excellent stone for meditation and visualization in to sowing the seed on manifestation with the all seeing power of wisdom. For some reason I was also guided to peridot and black onyx but peridot was the final choice as for sometime now this stone has been in my thoughts and it turned out to be more than perfect for this piece. Peridot is an excellent protective stone for the aura, its also a powerful cleanser, this stone is also excellent in releasing negative patterns and old vibrations, its my hope this will help bring about the necessary change needed in the consciousness shift.

Holding the earth I used our own nature spirit the fae, she is in the goddess position holding the earth. To me this looks like the looking glass into our soul the earth, she is home of everything.

This design is now available on greeting cards at my etsy store

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Bluebell Faerie Love and Humility

This painting is about humility and it mean gratitude and love, it is a time for reflection, humble begins and change. I used labradorite is known as a destiny stone, a power stone and its excellent for clarifying your goals for the future and bringing you closer to humility, its a wonderful stone for transformation and seeing the true self, taking away stress. I used a lot of purple in this painting, which is a great visualization and healing color and the greens really balance you out. I used azurite as its a great stone for the transformation, healing and cleansing and helping you to connect to our spiritual side, its positive effects help you break free form old bad habits, a wonderful stone to release the spring time in you. And green jasper as its a balancing stone great for the heart chakra.
Bluebells bloom in the spring time and are said to be connected to the faerie realm. Some say that you should not walk through bluebells as it is believed that the enchantment would lead you to the little folk who would then spirit you away. Folklore also warns you that should you be unlucky to hear the bluebells ring, that you may die within a year. Well what ever you believe bluebells are enchanting and through all my childhood I just received the greatest of pleasure playing and walking through the blankets of bluebells, to a young girl you feel like a princess surrounded by the beauty of nature.

May Spring and happiness fill your faerie path with magic X

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Golden hills.

Another trip we took was a visit to the tea plantation and spice plantations. On our way up to the tea plantations we stopped to see the rubber tree fields and watch the local worker in extracting the rubber from the trees. In the first photo you can see him cutting the tree, and the trickle of rubber coming from the tree. Our next stop was Ruby’s spice plantation, here we stopped to see all kind of spice that were grown in these parts. All spice, ginger, african ginger, nutmeg,turmeric(used as an antiseptic to mosquito bites), Chillies, lime, cocoa, cloves, pepper and coffee to name a few.  we were lucky enough to be served lunch and meet the 84 year old Ruby, who was a complete darling, an amazingly interesting and insightful lady and will surely touch your heart with her passion and knowledge for life. Who also work with Mother Terassa. This was very profound for me as my own Nan passed away a few days before at the grand old age of 86. I will so miss her, she was the most inspiring person I had in my life, especially after losing my own mum 11 years ago.

The second photo is the river  on the way up to the tea plantation. The views are amazing and they will take your breath away. To get to the plantation you will zig zag your way up through the mountain passing through the rain forest and if you’re lucky you might see the wild monkeys, tigers, elephants. Once up at the top of the mountain you will see the tea plantation factory. Here there is a restaurant where you can sample the local brew. This is one of the rare places where they roll the tea leaves instead of crushing them, which makes for a stronger tasting tea.

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Entering Kansas “Hell’s Half Acre”.

Day 6 of traveling on the Route 66 we passed into Kansas, after leaving Missouri along this very disused part of 66, which seemed like we were totally off the track, and a sign saying “truck route ahead”… and a huge lorry bearing down us like that out of “Duel”… and a bridge that looked like it had seen better days, the only sign I had that we were going in the right direction was a very old “Route 66” painted on the old road, blink and you’d miss it!

At the end of the road was our first Kansas 66 sign in a place called Hell’s Half Acre, with a disused ghost house at the end of the road. Here’s Gary on the Fat Boy just outside the ghost house.

Heading down the Street you could imagine the days of Saloon gun fighting and the outlaws riding in on horse back, with the folks running inside to hide. This was the first part of the journey where the town looked like a street in the old western movies. 

Kansas Route 66 section only extends for 12.8 miles. These days, Route 66 in Kansas is a State Highway that carries the same number, and this highway passes through three towns that all offer insight into the history of Kansas. These towns include Baxter Springs, Riverton, and Galena. Baxter Springs attraction is an 1870 building that once housed a bank that Jesse James and Cole Younger robbed in 1876. These days, the historic site houses a café and a small bed and breakfast inn.

Marsh Arch Bridge

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Setting Up A Small Business In San Jose

Now I have my work visa I can reopen my etsy business… So heres how I did that. This is just advice and a good starting point, but please check for yourself as rules and laws change. In California setting up a business is a little more complicated as they have more rules than most of the states in the USA.

So Where Do You Go First?

Step 1. Advice

If your a complete beginner then a great starting point is Score They are brilliant they have lots of courses to get you started and your learn everything about different types of business entities, business planning, marketing and more. You can also arrange to have a mentor with them too.

Before I could reopen my etsy shop, my first port of call was the local town hall for advice and mine was San Jose City Hall. They will tell you to obtain a sellers licenses and a Fictious Business Name. Once you have that then you can register your business for tax with City Hall. There are quiet a few other steps and it can be confusing so heres a breakdown of things you will need to do, depending on your business. I work from home and sell on line so this is what I did.

Step 2. Register Business Name: County Clerk Recorder 

Address: 70 W. Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95110

When registering your business name it all depends on a few things…. If you use your name for your business you do not need to register that. The best advice I can offer is to go direct to Small Business Ally, I got this information from San Jose Town, but your advised to email them first, you just can’t go in and expect to see him or her. For City of San Jose, its:

Juan F. Borrelli, AICP he is there Small Business Ally.


Step 3. Sellers License – Sales & Use Permit (Seller’s Permit) FREE

All businesses selling or leasing tangible property must obtain a Seller’s Permit. I got that from the “State Board of Equalization”

Address: 250 S. 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95113,

When applying for your sellers licence you will need

1. Bank Address:

2. Suppliers Address: e.g. I used Michaels for some of my supplies so I used them.

3. Fictitious Business Name which lasts 5 years or if you use your own name you don’t need to apply for a Fictitious Name (but please check for yourself as rules change and every city has its own set of rules.

4. Tax ID also known as EIN – I don’t use this atm as its just me, but I might change later.

A Heads up currently the Sales Tax rate in San Jose is 9.25%

Step 4. Registering for Business Tax

You obtain this from your local Town Hall. Mine was San Jose City Hall.

In the reception they will send you to counters 1 and 2 (they may change this in the future but its a heads up) The guys and girls there are very helpful  and they will give you a form to fill in. Registering your business costs $250 a year. You only have to register once, but this fee is payable every year. There do offer a waiver if you earn less than $23,000 a year, and theres a form for that too.

Step 5. Learn More About How Sales Tax/ Use Tax Works.

Go back to the “State Board of Equalization” they have a few free courses on sales tax and more and will help you with everything you need to know for filing sales taxes and Use Tax.

Step 6. Setting up a Business Bank account.

As I run a small home creative business my best advice in the early stages is to find a business account that charges you no fees or low fees to start up. I personally would use a credit union. I use Keypoint Credit Union, they offer a FREE Business account with no fees.

When setting up your account take all your business documents with you, they will need to check over all your credentials.

Sellers License.

Business Registration

Work Permit EAD

Social Security 

Home address, Business address if different

Step 7. Find A Good Accountant.

At the end of you need to file your schedule C for business, I was referred to my accountant and he is brilliant. As a newbie to the USA and filing taxes here, its a must to start off with your right foot forward…

Once I contacted my accountant he called me and talked me through my taxes. He gave me a list of items he required on the form filling so he could fill in my forms, and do my books for me at the end of the year.  My first year completing my tax was painless.

Never be frightened to ask questions every step of the way when dealing with your business and as a newbie in the US everything is run differently here its not like your home.

Step 8. Keep Great Book Keeping…

Selling My Art in Queenstown New Zealand.

Horned GodOctober 2013 we went to live in Queenstown New Zealand for 5 months and 2 weeks. A much needed change after a 4 year stay in Thailand. Going to New Zealand gave me a great opportunity to sell my art direct to you in person. This was my first one to one selling in 8 years and the experience was amazing. Selling in person means so much and I’d really missed the opportunity to do that on a regular basis.

I learn’t what you liked, and I really connected on a person level. It enabled me to share my story behind my art. To me the real connection between man, animals, plants and nature is at the core of my art and the sense of connectedness we all share.

Queenstown saturday market in the park. It’s alive with music and arts, and people from all over the world came to join in the friendly atmosphere. Queenstown has a majestic feeling, the mountains and the lake are memorising and you cannot help but feel amazing at being part of it.

So I signed up for a Sellers License to enable me to sell my craft. After my experience as a selling artist in Queenstown it made me realize how important it is to have an outlet to share and talk about my art. its all about making new friends and sharing my experiences with other artists and you. Sharing is the reason why we all create and I love to be with people who inspire me to create and be a better person.. It’s not just about art, its so much more its about the experience I have to connect with so many people like you.

Obtaining a Sellers License in New Zealand For 6 Months.

As a Brit you can get a tourist visa for up to 6 months. Selling your art at craft fairs and galleries in NZ you can apply for a sellers market license at the local town hall. While I was visiting Queenstown, my first point of contact was the person who ran the Queenstown Market on saturday’s and she put me in touch with what I needed to do.

Taxation on your income while you stay in New Zealand was 10% if your stay is less than 6 months. This will change as time pass’s on so please check before you come. If you stayed longer then you would need to pay taxes on your world wide earnings. So I kept my visit under 6 months, as this would complicate things. I did this back in 2013, so bare in mind things may have changed since then.

Previously the last 8 years I have been travelling from country to country.  This has been tough on my art, because I was just creating and learning to sell online, with little knowledge on how to do it properly. I just went with the flow and didn’t really know anything about marketing and using the tools I had to hand to create a better following. And I fully admit I found it hard to stay connected, it was difficult to stay focused and positive, especially when you work on your own without any interactions.

Despite all this, I have learnt a lot.

  • I have taught myself to build a websites
  • I’m learning how write blogs
  • My writing has improved.
  • I’m doing what I love
  • I’ve found great ways to show off my art via social networking

I realise those 8 years of learning and creating art and being able to travel and create gave me the opportunity to create art the body of art I had to share, quiet often you were amazed at the amount of art I had on offer.

Positive Moves in the right Direction.

  • While I’m here I’m going to learn more about the industry
  • Create more art
  • Write a book about my art. This will be consist of an 3 sections – Introduction – Meaning behind each painting and story board from start to finish. I figure this is perfect way for you to get to know me and my meaning behind my work.
  • I will be writing more blogs.
  • Focusing on my newsletters.
  • Updating my websites.

I’m always adding new items to pinterest, instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you have ant questions or helpful advice you can contact me here just leave a reply and I’ll do my best to reply.




Introducing My “Majestic Deer” Art & January’s Sketchbook Dairies


Since being in New Zealand, I have been so inspired by the natural beauty of animal and nature, especially after four years living in Bangkok city, its quiet refreshing to say the least and I’m loving my new home.

Since November I have been settling in and adapting to my new routine and home. From buying in lots of new items for our home and sourcing out printers for my art and learning everything about the area we live in. Its been a huge change to living in Asia for 4 years. There’s a lot we take for granted, in our lives, and as humans we can get pretty comfortable. Our lives are run by routines and when something changes it can set us off balance for a while, even me.

I’m on my 8th year of traveling so I am getting used to change and I have learnt to adapt, its still not easy, but I don’t take anything for granted. I enjoy my life, but I still miss settling in and nesting. I know most of you who read this have a house with all your creature comforts? I do too, but it belongs to our landlord 😉 So my home is New Zealand for the next 6 months before we head back to our condo in Thailand. So all this is why I have been silent on the web front, but life is all go. I’m now selling my art at the Queenstown Saturday Market Earnslaw Park. So I have had a lot to organise and keep me busy with my stall, every week I’m adding to my stall, and i’m slowly getting there.

I have also done 4 new pieces of art, heres my second peace I created called “Majestic Deer” This peace is about the harmony between animal and nature. Here’s my inspiration behind the art.

Wisdom from the Deer

MajesticDeerMy deer mother and father have taught me grace and peace. My home, the forest, is magical and full of beauty. My parents taught me to be sensitive and intuitive and above to love life. My inner fawn is innocence and I dance in the magical mysteries of life. But don’t be fooled, behind my big loving eyes I have learnt the dance of vigilance, for my mind is always aware. In a heartbeat I can quickly change directions with grace.

If you seek the magic that is within me, come to the forest and learn to dance to the rhythm of the trees and together we can learn life’s mysteries and live in harmony.

Animal Guide

The deer are full of grace, peace, love and beauty. As a spirit guide the deer is associated with gentleness and grace. You have the ability to move through life and obstacles with grace. The deer keeps you in touch with your inner child, and innocence, always sensitive and intuitive. The vigilance of the deer comes the ability to change directions quickly. Welcome to the magical life of nature she/he holds the ability to regenerate, watch and learn living beside nature keeps you in touch with life’s mysteries.


Today I’m full of love and grace, I can see the beauty in nature and my soul is at peace. I have learnt the dance of innocence and vigilance and I can walk the path of Harmony most divine.

Sketchbook Dairies

This sunday at 3pm till 5pm I’m holding a 2 hour sketching session in the Earnslaw Park Queenstown. Come watch me draw or bring a sketchpad to learn some sketching techniques  ITS FREE and a nice way to chill out on a sunday afternoon xxx



My Sketchbook Dairies, Queenstown NZ


Hi guys, now that I’m here in Queenstown until March 2014 I thought it would be nice to sort out some FREE art classes in Queenstown. My first one is on this Sunday 24th November 2013. We will meet outside Patagonia chocolates at 3pm and move into the park for some sketching fun.

This is a great opportunity to bring your sketchbook and pencils along and learn to do some sketching. You can sketch what ever you like its all up to you. This weekend I will be working on some Kiwi bird art. So if you want to come along to watch or join in your more than welcome.

I will be there from 3pm till 5pm. As this Sunday is my first I will be finding out if I can arrange a place where we can meet if its raining. If you cannot make this weekend keep an eye out on my blog or website for future events.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday, Octavia

Tools of My Trade


We arrived in New Zealand just 10 days ago, so its been all go since we got here, today we our settled in our lovely new home just outside of Queenstown, and without doubt this is one of the most beautiful places I have lived, its breath taking here. Our first few days we stayed with friends in Auckland before we flew into Queenstown flying in over Lake Wakatipu.

As a traveling artist, with the fact that I fly from country to country, I really do have to think about my weight allowance, the normal allowance is  23kg’s checked and 7kgs carry on. I’m often quiet shocked at the lack of personal items I can have in my luggage due to my artistic endeavours. As we just recently left Thailand for 6 months to explore New Zealand. I know that this time the tools of my trade in my check allowance was 10kgs, leaving 13 for everything else, this is not an ideal situation but its just bearable at the moment, I bought more than I needed this time as I was unsure whether I could get everything I needed here to start with, so I came well prepared. We have a base in Thailand, so its easier to leave a few items behind, and the country is so affordable that rent is really cheap. Apart from our base we rent fully furnished places where ever we can. Heres a list of my items that I bought with so that I can carry on creating where ever I go.

My essential items



Wacom Tablet



Items that I can pick up everywhere.

Art paper

Drawing pencils

Colored pencils

Acrylic paints

Jewellery Supplies

My laptop is my number one item that I can’t live without, without it I could not keep in touch with family, friends, and run my online business. These days we have so many programs that we can use on the computer that its almost limitless. It can be easy to take it for advantage when you use it every day, but lets think about it for a minute. What do you use your computer/laptop for?

Sending & receiving emails

Social networking.

Online banking



Book keeping

Account Setting

Data Storing – writing, creating, singing

Music Making

Online business

telephone, face time chatting

google, bing for worldwide learning without leaving your chair.

Latest around the world news


photo sharing

whats going on event planning

and so much more, our laptops are quiet remarkable and I’m sure you can add more to this list too. What else will our computers be able to in the near future? So Data protection and secure internet using is a must.

I’m still a traditional artist at heart and I do love creating on paper, and its a great way for me to spend some time unplugged from the computer screen and get some balance back into my life creating with raw materials. So for this I need a scanner so that I copy my art and put it online.

I also have wacom tablet, I use it for adding special effects, touch ups and enhancing certain areas of my art. I’m not really a digital artist, but I am inspired by some of and you what some of you can create, theres so many amazing special effects its awe inspiring and I would really love to develop that area more.

My camera and phone, are also essential items, because without them then I could not take great photos or videos of my products and share my experiences with you.

Finally all my pencils and paints and paper a blank canvas to show a story of inspiration within creation, cause we humans do love to be inspired and inspire. My travels give me so much inspiration.